Who’s who

This page explains who's who in BSBI. If you are unsure who to contact, please email our Enquiry Desk

Jane Houldsworth

Jane Houldsworth is Head of Operations, with responsibility for the management and development of the society’s activities. 

Kevin Walker

Kevin Walker is Head of Science. The BSBI has a remit to develop scientific uses of our data and provide services to academia and the conservation sector - Kevin's role is to plan the BSBI’s scientific activities and lead on undertaking contracts for external agencies.

Barbara Brown

Barbara Brown is BSBI Welsh Officer. Her role is to support County Recorders in Wales, liaise with Natural Resources Wales and collect data on rare Welsh plants. Find out more about Barbara here.

Ian Denholm

Ian Denholm is Editor-in-Chief of our scientific journal British & Irish Botany and its predecessor New Journal of Botany; he is also joint County Recorder for Herts.

Gwynn Ellis

Gwynn Ellis is our Membership Secretary and was Editor-in-Chief of BSBI News from 1984 to 2017. Gwynn is the person to contact if you have a change of address or a page is missing from your mailing.

Julie Etherington

Julie Etherington is our Finance Manager, in charge of keeping everything in proper order.

Tom Humphrey

Tom Humphrey is our Database Officer - he created and manages the Distribution Database and Herbaria at Home. Tom worked with Leander Wolstenholme at Manchester Museum creating the herbarium digitisation web site before coming to work for the BSBI.

Louise Marsh

Louise Marsh is BSBI's Communications Officer, responsible for keeping the website updated, answering enquiries and promoting the society’s work to a wider audience. Duties include liaising with media contacts, editing the News & Views blog and handling BSBI's social media platforms. 

Jim McIntosh

Jim McIntosh is the BSBI Scottish Officer: his role is to encourage and support BSBI recorders and members in Scotland with their identification and recording activities.

Chris Metherell

Chris Metherell, formerly the BSBI's Hon. General Secretary, was elected as BSBI's President at the 2017 AGM. Read an interview with Chris here.

Chris Miles

Chris Miles is Chair of the BSBI Board of Trustees, County Recorder for Dumfriesshire and runs the Dumfriesshire Botany Group.

Sarah Pierce

Dr Sarah Pierce is the BSBI's Ireland Officer, based in the National Botanic Gardens, Glasnevin, Dublin. Her role is to provide support for Irish County Recorders (40 counties in all), as well as promoting the BSBI, and botany in general, in Ireland.

Johnathan Shanklin

Jonathan Shanklin is the BSBI's Hon. Field Meetings Secretary. He collates our annual Field Meetings Programme.

Pete Stroh

Pete Stroh is our Scientific Officer for England; he is currently providing support for Atlas 2020 and various aspects of the BSBI's research and monitoring programme. He was lead author on the England Red List. Pete has a detailed knowledge of the British and Irish flora, with a particular interest in plant dispersal and establishment.

Delyth Williams

Delyth Williams is the BSBI's Hon. General Secretary. Contact her for society matters.