Berwickshire, v.c. 81

New Publication

Scenes from the Wilds of Berwickshire by Michael Braithwaite is published by the Berwickshire Naturalists’ Club for its members. It gives, as poetry, brief accounts of 28 sites, or groups of sites, of botanical interest which are particularly representative of the botanical diversity of the county of Berwickshire. What is written about each site, or ‘scene’, aims to tell a story, to place the botany in context with its history and geology. Sometimes botanists of earlier generations are an integral part of that story, so they are not forgotten.

Printed copies of the 52 page A5 colour booklet may be available on enquiry through the Berwickshire Naturalists’ Club website.


A short Flora of Berwickshire

This Flora  of 432 pages was published by Michael Braithwaite in 2014. It is liberally illustrated in full colour with photographs and distribution maps. English names for the wildflowers are shown alongside the Latin names throughout the book.

The main sections are (i) an illustrated botanical tour of Berwickshire, (ii) full species accounts for a selection of 415 species, including 1 x 1 km distribution maps in a variety of formats showing the historical records as well as recent records and (iii) a full checklist for 1,573 species and other taxa with status, habitat and 1 km frequency.

Further sections cover the history of botanical recording in the county, various aspects of recent change in the flora and supplementary analysis. As Berwick upon Tweed does not fall in Berwickshire, its flora is discussed in a separate section.

The book itself is out of print, but a 40MB Pdf is available to download on this page.