Cardiganshire, v.c. 46

Flora of Cardiganshire

The most comprehensive source of information on Cardiganshire is Arthur Chater’s Flora, published in 2010. It is a large volume and has sold out. If you would like it electronically, email us and we shall send you a Dropbox link to enable you to download it.

The corrections already available have been incorporated, otherwise the file is as printed.

Please note that the Flora is still subject to copyright. You may take a copy for your own use but you may not distribute it further in electronic or hard copy, or use the pictures. If you want to quote from the text, please do so in the normal way attributing the source and citing the reference in full, as you should with any document accessed from our web sites. Anyone wishing to use any of the illustrations or who wants permission to do anything more with it should contact the author. Arthur wishes to acknowledge the continuing and invaluable help of Paul Smith, whose expertise and hard work has made this electronic version available.

County Recorder

Annual Report for 2019

The Annual report for Cardiganshire for 2019 is available here.

Annual Report for vc 46 (2019 )