Flintshire, v.c. 51

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County Recorder

Emily Meilleur and Gail Quartly-Bishop.

Please enter records via Cofnod (North Wales Record Centre) web site or email to Emily.


A new Rare Plant Register (2020) is now available. Email Gail Quartly-Bishop to request a copy.

Click to download the 2008 Rare Plant Register for Flintshire.

The Flora of Flintshire, by Goronwy Wynne, is available from Summerfield Books.

The county of Flintshire

Flintshire  is a small county in the north east corner of Wales. Bounded on the north by coast and the Dee Estuary and to the west by the Clwydian Hills. It has a diverse landscape with, the hills reaching 554 m and down to the lowlands in the east, where it borders the Cheshire Plains. A range of habitats can be found: dunes, saltmarsh, limestone grasslands, disused lead mines, woodlands, lakes, rivers, moorland and industrial sites.