BSBI Books

BSBI publishes or supports a range of botanical books, including:

BSBI Periodicals

We currently publish five periodicals:

We also publish Irish Botanical News, the English Botanical News, the Scottish Newsletter and the Welsh Bulletin.

Our historical journals and back issues of BSBI News are accessible from our online archive.

Publications Grants

BSBI makes small grants available towards the publication of County Floras, check-lists etc., typically £2,000. Application forms are available from Jo Parmenter, Secretary of BSBI Science & Data committee.

Summerfield Books

After our eBooks, BSBI's agent for sales of our physical Handbooks, titles such as the Hybrid Flora and other botanical books is Paul O’Hara of Summerfield Books. Contact Paul to sign up for Summerfield Books' quarterly newsletter.

BSBI members can get discounts on various publications by logging in to the members’ section of Summerfield Books' web site. Email us if you can't remember your password.