In light of Covid-19, the BSBI Trustees have recently decided to cancel all remaining BSBI field meetings for 2020. We are really sorry about this but our members’ safety is most important. Leaders of BSBI local groups should note that they cannot run events under the BSBI name, and we can't advertise or offer support or insurance for those local group events.

Hopefully we'll be able to resume field meetings and events as usual in 2021 (assuming government guidance allows). In the meantime, if you choose to go out botanising individually or with a few others, we urge you to ensure you follow all current government guidance around social distancing and other Covid-19 prevention measures, as well as more general safe practices for field work. If you have any questions, please feel free to get in touch with our Head of Ops.

Ireland Officer

Dr Sarah Pierce


Telephone: +353 87 2578763

Twitter: @BSBI_Ireland

Facebook: @IrishSectionBSBI

The Ireland Officer supports BSBI County Recorders and members, and works with partner organisations on botanical projects and surveys.


Botanical Recording for Beginners

We know a lot of people love wildflowers, but not everyone chooses to record and share what they find. You may know that BSBI holds a database of millions of plant records going back more than 150 years, but did you know vast majority of records were gathered by volunteers who just love plants?

If you'd like to find out more about botanical recording and how you can contribute, join us for our Botanical Recording for Beginners webinar on Saturday, 15 August, at 10am. This session will give you the tools to begin recording the wild plants you find so that you can contribute to our knowledge of plant species distributions. It will go through why we record plants, what information is needed for a useful plant record, and ways you can contribute your records to national databases. The session uses recording in Ireland as an example, but the main concepts will be transferable to other locations. It will last for approximate one hour.

The session is free and everyone is welcome (no need to be an expert botanist!). All you need to do is register here and have a device that can use Zoom. This webinar is offered as part of the Ellen Hutchins Festival.

Irish Grasslands Project

Grassland on Inis Oirr by Maria Long

We're excited to announce a brand new project to highlight the importance of Irish semi-natural grasslands and help to improve the identification skills needed to record them. This summer, we are offering 5 free online training courses covering introductory grass identification, vegetative grass identification, sedge identification, and an introduction to Annex I grassland habitats. We also are developing downloadable resources around Annex I grassland indicator species, and running Irish Grass of the Week on social media. For all the details, please check out the Irish Grasslands Project webpage. Thanks to NPWS and CEDaR for supporting this project. Photo by Maria Long.


The BSBI trustees have been keeping an eye on the current coronavirus situation and have recently updated their guidance. All field meetings for 2020 have now been cancelled.  Even if we are not able to get together, there are still lots of ways to keep involved and build your botanical skills. Check out our Activities 2020 page for links to projects, publications, training resources, and more.

Information and Resources

Irish Botanical Projects - current and past BSBI Ireland projects.

Resources for Botanists in Ireland - Recording resources, record centres, Rare Plant Registers, and more.

Irish Botanical News - Our big annual publication edited by Paul Green.

Ireland News Archive - Previous issues of the Irish BSBI Newsletter and older stories from this webpage.

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These are informal groups run by volunteers. They are a great way to improve your skills and meet other botanists. Get involved with a group near you!

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