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Recording in Wiltshire

County Recorder: Sharon Pilkington, 66 Newtown, Westbury, Wiltshire BA13 3EF


The Wiltshire Botanical Society organises field meetings, talks and social events throughout the year and is very active in recording across Wiltshire Click here to find out more.

Recent Wiltshire Botanical Society Newsletters:

>> Issue 39: Winter 2011

>> Issue 38: Summer 2011

>> Issue 37: Winter 2010

The Wiltshire Rare Plant Register was produced in 2007 and provides a guide to some of the county’s rarer plants. It’s now out of print but you download it from the Rare Plant Registers page.

Wiltshire is a large county with some spectacular habitats and species. We are currently working hard to ensure full recording coverage by the end of the decade in preparation for the next BSBI Atlas. To download a copy of the Information for Surveyors guidance document please click here. We would like to encourage as many recorders as possible to enter their own data for this project and recommend either using this customised data entry spreadsheet or via the free Living Record website.


Other resources

A high quality virtual map showing exact vice-county boundaries for v.c 7 (North Wiltshire) and v.c 8 (South Wiltshire) has been kindly provided by the Surrey Botanical Society


Preston’s Flora of 1888

Richard Aisbitt has extracted the data from T.A. Preston’s Flowering Plants of Wiltshire and very generously made it available in Mapmate format. To use it, copy the mdb database file into your c:\program files\mapmate\records folder (or whichever folder your records are stored in - could be under My Documents) and then use the datasets option on the toolbar to open it.

If you spot any errors or have any feedback, email Richard.



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Epipactis purpurata
Galeopsis angustifolia habitat