North Lincolnshire, v.c.54

Empty monads in North Lincolnshire

Can you believe that there are (as of April 2024) 542 monads in North Lincolnshire with absolutely no records? There are a further 162 monads with only one record, 94 with two records... In total there are 2419 monads with under one hundred plant records!

Can you help fill in the gaps? I have created this very basic spreadsheet of all the monads in North Lincolnshire with under one hundred plant records. By copying the grid references and pasting them into a website like cucaera, you will be able to see where these monads are and consider recording them. However:

  • Some monads may appear to be in the sea. In that case, don't worry about recording them!
  • Some monads may span county boundaries. In this case you would need to send records at a greater-than-monad resolution so I can see that they're on 'my' side of the boundary.
  • Some monads may entirely be on private land which shouldn't be surveyed without permission.

I'm happy for records to be submitted through the BSBI's new recording app, iRecord, or via an emailed spreadsheet of data.


County Recorder

The county flower of Lincolnshire is the Common Dog-violet