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The Shropshire Botanical Society organises field meetings and indoor meetings throughout the year. Membership is open to anyone who is interested in botany, and costs 15 per year or 30 for 3 years.

To join the Shropshire Botanical Society, please make cheques payable to ‘Shropshire Botanical Society’ and send them to the membership secretary, Mark Duffell, 19 Compton Mews, Ford, Shrewsbury, SY5 9NX.

Shropshire Archive

Duffell, M. 2009. The distribution and native status of Aconitum napellus sl. L. in Shropshire. MSc dissertation, University of Birmingham.

Leighton, W.A. 1841. A Flora of Shropshire. John van Voorst, London, and John Davies, Shrewsbury; pdf version on Google Books.

Little, C. 2013. A florisic analysis of the Mile Meadow at Attingham Park. MSc thesis, University of Birmingham.

Oswald, P.H. & Herbert, A. 1965. Proceedings of a Meres and Mires Conference at Attingham Park, Shrewsbury on 6th, 7th and 8th December 1965. Unpublished report to the Nature Conservancy; pdf 34.4 MB.

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Record of Bare Facts; Caradoc & Severn Valley Field Club (and predecessors)

RBF 50 (1940)

RBF 34 (1924)

RBF 49 (1939)

RBF 33 (1923)

RBF 47 (1937)

RBF 32 (1922)

RBF 46 (1936)

RBF 31 (1921)

RBF 45 (1935)

RBF 30 (1920)

RBF 44 (1934)

RBF 29 (1919)

RBF 43 (1933)

RBF 28 (1918)

RBF 42 (1932)

RBF 27 (1917)

RBF 41 (1931)

RBF 26 (1916)

RBF 40 (1930)

RBF 25 (1915)

RBF 39 (1929)

RBF 24 (1914)

RBF 38 (1928)

RBF 21 (1911)

RBF 37 (1927)

RBF 20 (1910)

RBF 36 (1926)

RBF 13 (1903)

RBF 35 (1925)



Recording in Shropshire

Recording in the county is organised by the Shropshire Ecological Data Network, a radical Local Records Centre which is dedicated to making ecological data freely available for people to use. Anyone is free to use this data for scientific or commercial purposes. Please use it responsibly - do not trespass on private land or plagiarise the information.

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Shropshire dist map

The county recorder is Sarah Whild and the database is maintained by Alex Lockton.

If you would like to record in the county then you can download our recording card to make life easier. Our standard recording technique is to make lists for either 1 km squares or individual sites (as long as the site falls more-or-less into a 1 km square). Rare species, which are not listed on the recording card, need a detailed grid reference and notes on identification, etc.

>> General recording card

>> Rare plant recording card


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Field Meetings

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The Ecological Flora of Shropshire, by Charles Sinker et al., 1985 (paperback edition), is available from us for 10 inc. p&p (in UK).

Rare Plants of Shropshire, 3rd edition, by Alex Lockton & Sarah Whild, 2005, is available for 5 inc p&p (in UK). Or download it from here for free:

>> Rare Plants of Shropshire (pdf)

Please send cheques (made out to Shropshire Botanical Society) to 9 Albert Street, Shrewsbury, SY1 2HT.