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North-west Yorkshire, v.c. 65


Barns near Muker, by Olly Alcock

Notable finds in 2013

  • Abies grandis (Giant Fir)  Some mature specimens were noted, planted below Ilton beside Sole Beck in May by LR (SE1878)
  • Abies grandis (Giant Fir) A self-set seedling about half a metre in height was spotted by Beryl Armstrong and LR on the riverbank above Winston Bridge in April.  The needles when crushed smell of Tangerines (NZ1416)
  • Alchemilla acutiloba (Starry Lady’s Mantle), An established clump of this Teesdale rarity was found by Beryl Armstrong and LR on the riverbank above Winston in April.  It must have been washed down from further up the Tees (NZ1416)
  • Alchemilla acutiloba (Starry Lady’s Mantle) A good clump was spotted on the riverbank just below Holwick Head Bridge on 30.05.2013 by LR (NY8828)
  • Alchemilla glomerulans (Clustered Lady’s Mantle)  Four separate populations were found downstream of Holwick Head Bridge and one population just upstream on the side of the footpath above Holwick Head Bridge by LR on 30.05.2013 (NY8828)
  • Alchemilla wichurae (Rock Lady’s Mantle)  Three separate populations were spotted and TPP forms filled in by Jim Parkin and LR on the path from Holwick Head Bridge to High Force on 22.06.2013 (NY8828)
  • Anacamptis morio (Green Winged Orchid)  Fifty three plants were counted in a meadow on Low Wanless Farm on 04.06.2013 by Jim Parkin and Linda Robinson, a TPP form was duly filled in (SE0688)
  • Andromeda polifolia (Andromeda) A small population was found almost on the v.c. boundary above Arkleside on 18.08.2013 by LR.  Records of this are few and far between in this v.c. (SE0478)
  • Antennaria dioica (Mountain Everlasting) One 1m diameter patch found by Deborah Millward and LR on 01.06.2013 in the pastures below Swinithwaite on calcareous glacial till (SE0490)
  • Asplenium ceterach (Rusyback) This uncommon small fern was found by Brian Burrow and Mike Canaway on 07.08.2013 on High Pike along the track near the old shafts up there (SD7082)
  • Butomus umbellatus (Flowering Rush) This is quite uncommon in v.c.65 and was spotted on the edge of the Swale below Holme on 10.08.2013 by LR who got a closer look than intended when I descended, I would like to think gracefully, into about half a metre of water beside it and had to sit on the bank for ages till I had stopped dripping before walking back though the village to the car (SE3680)
  • Carex magellanica (Tall Bog-sedge) A good patch of this rare Carex was spotted by Anne Middleton on the BSBI Teesdale Field Meeting near the summit of Black Hill opposite Cauldron Snout on 19.07.2013, well done Anne! (NY8026)
  • Carex otrubae (False Fox-sedge) This was seen by John Newbould on a verge near Pepper Arden on 01.07.2013 (NZ2800) and again at Ellerton lagoon on 19.06.2013 by Deborah Millward, Martin Hewitt and LR (SE2696)
  • Convallaria majalis (Lily-of-the-Valley)  This was found at Sedbusk by Brian Burrow on 26.06.2013 (SD8890) and again on Towns Fell in August by Brian Burrow (SD6884)
  • Crepis biennis (Rough Hawk’s-beard) Found by John Newbould at Hudswell Wood in riverside grassland on 04.07.2013 (NZ1600) and again by June Byerley, Celia Cooper and LR on a verge near Castle Bolton on 10.07.2013 (SE0290)
  • Diphasiastrum alpinum (Alpine Clubmoss) Found on the trackside just below the summit of Rogan’s Seat on 27.09.2013 by Trevor Lowis and LR (NY92.02)
  • Dipsacus pilosus (Small Teasel)  Spotted by Roger Singleton-Turner on 24.08.2013 by the footpath on the old railway track near Richmond Station (NZ1800)
  • Epilobium anagallidifolium (Alpine Willowherb) This was seen in a flush at Clove Head between Brough and Middleton-in-Teesdale on 28.08.2013 by LR (NY8220)
  • Helminthotheca echioides (Bristly Oxtongue) One plant was found in flower on the edge of the pond at Scorton by LR on 16.06.2013 (NZ2400)
  • Hemerocallis fulva (Orange Day-Lily) One clump seen by Diane Dobson and LR on the riverbank below Cleasby along with Otter footprints on 06.04.2013 (NZ2412)
  • Juniperus communis (Juniper) The first record of Juniper in Wensleydale since the ‘last’ one died in the 1980’s, found on a scar at the top of Coverdale by Brian Burrow and Mike Canaway (SD9876)
  • Lonicera nitida (Wilson’s Honeysuckle) This was spotted by the Craven Conservation Group naturalized in Flinter’s Gill, above Dent on 17.07.2013 (SD7086)
  • Neotinea ustulata (Burnt Tip Orchid) A total of twelve plants were found and a TPP survey done by Jim Parkin and LR in a meadow at Low Wanless Farm on 04.06.2013 (SE0688)
  • Neotinea ustulata (Burnt Tip Orchid) Four plants were found in the pastures below Swinithwaite by Deborah Millward and LR and another TPP survey form filled in on 01.06.2013, they covered two tetrads (SE0488 and SE0490)
  • Neottia nidus-avis (Bird’s Nest Orchid) Found by John Newbould on his recording week in v.c.65, in Hudswell Woods near Richmond on 04.07.2013 (NZ1400)
  • Polemonium caeruleum (Jacob’s Ladder) Not the native plant but definitely a garden escape found on the edge of Ellerton Lagoon by Deborah Millward, Martin Hewitt and LR on 19.06.2013 (SE2696)
  • Pulicaria dysenterica (Common Fleabane) Not common as the name implies and an email from Roger Singleton-Turner alerted me to the record, a few plants in flower were present in a damp patch in a riverside meadow below Richmond, the site was visited by Roger, his wife Jacquie and LR on 25.09.2013 (NZ1600)
  • Ranunculus lingua (Greater Spearwort) This very uncommon plant in v.c.65 was found in the company of the above record of Pulicaria on 25.09.2013 (NZ1600)
  • Saxifraga hirculus (Yellow Marsh Saxifrage) This rare and protected species was found in a new site above Ravenseat in Swaledale at the  head of Red Mea Well, discovered by Tim & Eileen Laurie and LR on 26.07.2013 (NY8604)
  • Saxifraga hirculus (Yellow Marsh Saxifrage) this site whilst not new in 2013, was discovered a few years previously by Natural England Staff near Standards, in Lunedale.  The site was monitored in 2013 by Chris McCarty and LR along with the Mickle Fell population (NY8422)
  • Sorbus rupicola (Rock Whitebeam) This species was noted by Jim Parkin and LR on the footpath above Holwick Head Bridge and High Force on 22.06.2013 (NY8828)
  • Symphytum grandiflorum (Creeping Comfrey)  This first v.c.65 record was spotted by Tim Laurie and LR naturalized on a roadside verge just outside Whaston towards Hartforth Wood on 18.04.2013 (NZ1404)
  • Trichophorum cespitosum (Northern Deer-grass) The first and second v.c. 65 records of this species were made by Stuart Hedley whilst recce’ing for the BSBI week–end field meeting on 19-20.07.2013, both were below Black Hill, opposite Cauldron Snout (NY8026 & NY8028)
  • Vulpia myuros (Rat’s-tail Fescue) Probably planted at Scorton on the banks of the pond/lagoon behind the village, seen in the afternoon of 16.06.2013 by LR (NZ2400)

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Field Meetings 2014

All Field Meetings start at 10.30 am. If you intend to come along to meetings please let Linda Robinson know.

Saturday 31st May – Burnt Tip Orchid hunt at Len Pasture, Crackpot, Swaledale, Meet at entrance to Waterfalls below Crackpot at SD974966

Saturday 14th June – Kirby Wiske, meet at Back Lane at SE371848

Sunday 22nd June – Hunt for Small White Orchid from Gunnerside Pasture to above Ivelet with John Newbould, YNU, meet at end of Bridleway at SD941983

Wednesday 25th June – Arten Gill, Dentdale, Field Meeting in conjunction with Craven Conservation Group.  Maximum 300m (vertical) of ascent.  Meet at Dent Head Viaduct at SD777845 (for additional information call Mike Canaway on 01729 823808)

Sunday 29th June – Small White Orchid hunt near Fairy Glen Waterfall, Teesdale, meet at roadside near Park End Wood at NY922259

Thursday 3rd July & Friday 4th July – BSBI Field Meeting in Upper Teesdale (fully booked)

Saturday 12th July – Morton-on-Swale, meet at Back Lane at SE326919

Sunday 20th July – Deepdale Woods near Barnard Castle, meet in Car Park at NZ045167

Saturday 2nd August – Great Langton, meet near disused Quarry at SE295964

Wednesday 6th August – Monkeybeck Scar near Dent Station, extreme care needed in this steep and deeply incised gill. Field Meeting in conjunction with the Craven Conservation Group. Meet at Dent Station car park at SD764876  (For additional information call Mike Canaway on 01729 823808)

Sunday 16th August – Cumbria Flora Meeting at Winton Fell, just over the border from v.c.65.  Meet near the telephone box and village green in Winton village at NY783105

Sunday 24th August – Danby Wiske, meet near Pub in village at SE337985

Saturday 6th September – Melmerby Moor, meet at cattle grid near Wraykeld Well at SE067868

There will be other unscheduled field trips which get organised at the last minute depending on weather, work etc. so if anyone is prepared to drop everything at a moment’s notice you are welcome to come along.  Please give me your contact details and I will let you know and be glad of the company.

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Linda Robinson, The Cottage, Melmerby, Penrith, Cumbria, CA10 1HN.  Phone : 01768 881714.

Kevin Walker, 97 Dragon Parade, Harrogate, North Yorkshire, HG1 5DG. Phone: 01423 544902.

Saxifraga hirculus


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