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Kent Botany 2015

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April 2010

Himantoglossum hercynum

Kent Botanical Recording Group

The group was formed in March 2010 for the purpose of being a focus for the recording of vascular plants in Kent by:

>> providing a means of contact and communication, open to all who are interested in botanical recording in Kent; and

>> liaising with and supporting other natural history organisations with relevant interests.

KBRG arranges field meetings and forwards records to the BSBI and the Kent and Medway Biological Records Centre.

The group has a target of completing a general county resurvey over the ten-year period from 2010.

>> Application for membership (rtf)

Rare Plant Register

rare plant register banner

The group’s initial priority for recording is the preparation of an up-to-date Kent rare plants register. The current list of plants to be covered by the register may be downloaded below.

>> RPR list v. 10 (Feb 2016)

>> RPR list v. 10 with English names (Feb 2016)

The introduction to the register is available here.

>> RPR introduction (Feb 2015)

The accounts of individual plants are to be issued as a series of drafts (see below), for feedback.  Up-to-date information is needed about whether plants are still at old sites; whether numbers are increasing /decreasing; and what threats there may be.

Comments on how the drafts can be improved may be sent to Geoffrey Kitchener.

Drafts issued so far:

Plants which have been present in the county and would have qualified for the register, but which are no longer expected to be found, are listed below.

>> ’Probably extinct’ Kent plants list (Feb 2016)


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Take a FISC in Kent

You can take a Field Identification Skills Certificate test in Kent 2016, set by Ros Bennett and Alex Lockton. We have two dates set: Thursday 2nd June and Saturday 16th July. Both will be at Tyland Barn. More details on the FISC page.

>> Book a place now

Identification of Kent plants

By Lliam Rooney

>> Photographs

>> Visit Lliam’s Flickr site

>> Videos:

>> Keys:

Flora of Stodmarsh

How well do you know Stodmarsh National Nature Reserve? We are currently compiling a Flora of this site, and if you have any historical or current knowledge of it, we would like to hear from you. Download the latest report here:

>> Flora of Stodmarsh 2015





Photo credits: Lorna Holland, Lliam Rooney & Alex Lockton