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Easter Ross, v.c. 106


Sgurr na Lapaich (B. Ballinger)

Sgurr na Lapaich

Brief report for 2013: Botanical Recording in Easter Ross v.c. 106

2013 was another busy year with many visits being paid to under-recorded tetrads in various parts of the Vice-county, some a long way from the public roads. Once more Peter Wortham made a major contribution to this, particularly in the west of the area. Several valuable visits were made by the Inverness Botany Group and I am also grateful to the Tain Field Club and Dingwall Field Club for their contributions. The Highland Biological Recording Group organised a bioblitz at the Evanton Community Wood.

There is continued concern about the condition of the coastal populations of Oxytropis halleri (the Eathie site is now lost and the position of the Nigg site is uncertain). Discussions are taking place about possible ways to improve the situation.

I paid a further visit to Coire Ghranda by Beinn Dearg and successfully refound  Sibbaldia procumbens  for the Threatened Plants project. While there I was pleased to locate new sites for Carex sxatilis, Coeloglossum viride and Pseudorchis albida  as well as updating other records. En route Vaccinium microcarpum was growing under Betula nana.

Jeff Waddell reported a good find of Carex vaginata in Benmore Forest and Peter Wortham located new sites for Coeloglossum viride by Loch Fannich and in the Inchbae Forest. There were several new locations for Lycopodium annotinum over the year, including a new hectad record at NH49 by Beinn Ulbhain. Several new sites for Platanthera bifolia were found, although it was not always seen again in all its old locations.

In July 2014 Mary Dean and I are planning a BSBI field trip Tain and Dornoch Firth areas.


Vice-county recorder

Brian Ballinger

5 Shaftesbury Park, Dundee, DD2 1LB


Upper flat, Station House, Fearn Station, by  Tain, Ross-shire, IV20 1RR



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