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Channel Isles, v.c. 113



Recorder: Brian Bonnard. Follow this link and go to the second page on which will be found links to all the local sites with advice on getting to Alderney and the other islands, where to stay, what to do, etc.

>> The Wild Flowers of Alderney, by Brian Bonnard (2011); pdf 13.8 MB.

>> Notes on the Flora of Alderney, by John Ounsted (1954); pdf 435 KB.


For maps of the distribution of species in the Channel Isles, please visit the LRC’s Maps Pages.

Calystegia soldanella



Recorder: Anne Haden

We have a very active group of the Botany Section of the Société Jersiaise and we meet alternate Tuesdays. For details about the next meeting please contact me. We welcome visitors to come and join us.

Many of our rare plants are protected under Jersey law and some of our members are aiming to survey all these plants this year. We are also going to take part in the mopping up field survey work of the TPP plants that were not surveyed in the past.



Recorder: Jane Gilmour


Recorder: Roger Veall


Romulea columnae (Brian Bonnard)




Tuberaria guttata (Brian Bonnard)